About Meras

Meras is a government program launched by (Tayseer) Committee as part of Saudi Vision 2030, which provides all government and private sector services that is needed to start your business in one day. Meras provides a high quality integrated services through an online and physical One-Stop-Shop centers.

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The Initiative

The initiative is aimed to help business owners to know the steps and procedures to establish and manage their business in Saudi Arabia. The website shows the following key information:-

One Stop Shop Centers
One Stop Shop Centers
Meras eServices Platform
Meras eServices Platform
Offer Basic Services
Offer Basic Services

Meras Evolution

Meras will be developed over several phases to include all types of services that faciliate business owners to establish and manage their business.

Current Phase

Meras eServices Platform is the unified platform for all eServices offered to the business sector by the government agencies. The platform will allow business owners to have a single go to portal to establish and manage their business. The platform currently offer the following eServices: issuing commercial registration, membership certificate with chamber of commerce, open a tax file with General Authority for Zakat and Tax, open a file with General Organization for Social Insurance, and many other services.

Meras Roadmap