Meras centers provide a Single Stop Shop for business owners to achieve many of the government services under one location. Below is the list of services offered at Meras centers:-



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Services Offered at Meras

  • Commercial register renewal
  • Authenticating company contracts
  • Issuing commercial register for company branch
  • Amending commercial register for company
  • Issue Commercial Registration
  • Renew Commercial Registration
  • Cancel Commercial Registration
  • Print Commercial Registration
  • Modify Commercial Registration
  • Notify Service
  • eServices for Certificate of Origin
  • Subscription Renewal
  • Registration - Riyadh & Jeddah
  • Activation - Riyadh & Jeddah

Branches Locations

  • Al Khalidiyah Ash Shamaliyah, 3804 طريق الملك فهد بن عبد العزيز، الخالدية الشمالية، الدمام 32232، Dammam 6538
  • Sat - Thu : 9 am to 8 pm
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