Frequently Asked Questions

What is Maras?

Is an initiative initiated by the Business Facilitation Committee (Tasir), which is composed of several government agencies, which aims to facilitate the procedures of starting and doing business by providing related services in an integrated and easy way for business owners


Who are the beneficiaries of Maras?

The beneficiaries of the anchors are business owners, investors and those who are willing to start a business.


What are the associated parties in Maras?

  • Ministry of Trade and Investment
  • Ministry of Labor and Social Development
  • Zakat and Income Tax Authority
  • General Organization for Social Insurance
  • Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs
  • Saudi Organization for Industrial Estates and Technology Zones (Cities)
  • Ministry of Energy, Industry and Mineral Resources


How can I register in Maras?

Registration at Maras is available to Saudis, through the following link: https://meras.gov.sa/Home/Login


What are the conditions for registration in Maras?

The conditions of registration in Maras are:

  • Independent status card
  • Registration in the Ministry of Interior system "Abshar"


What services are provided in Maras?

Maras provides several e-services to several government agencies which can be viewed at: https://meras.gov.sa/Home/ServicesLinks


How do you communicate with anchors?

You can communicate with anchors through several channels:

  • Standard number: 920000667
  • E-mail: info@meras.gov.sa
  • Twitter @ meras_sa
  • YouTube meras_sa